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Colorful exterior designs in recent years and has become a variety can add more ideas to her, especially since foreign designs took new ideas and variety of the Modern Classic to the east and European.

There are types of glass facades including:
Tinted glass: A flat transparent glass enters into its components pigments in order to impart the properties of shading and absorb sunlight, this type of glass reduces sunlight penetration rate of the glass.

Reflective glass: flat glass is covered with a thin layer of metal to minimize the effect of the sun, and the use of the metal layer glass gives a characteristic lack of tranparency where you could not see through the glass during the day because of reverse glass to radiation.
Coarse glass: plain glass was afraid one or both of its surfaces to overcome the transparency properties of the glass is done by either that glass surfaces are rough or make the glass surface rough.

Walls of glass: glass is the external walls of the system covering the facades of buildings, associated buildings
Using installed in columns and floor slabs.
Protect the facades of buildings

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AUTEC is specialized in execution of all aluminum works all over Egypt. AUTEC is an integrated company that was established in 1999 and since then commencing operations all over Egypt.

Our vision of our future is within the 5 upcoming years , Autec will be the most successful trading & construction company by providing high quality service with affordable prices to Arabian (A & B) class corporate & Individuals as that our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations.






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